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Wedding Planner Bridal Show Booth Ideas

Do you want your wedding planning company to stand out from the sea of vendor booths at a bridal show?   You only have one chance to make a first impression, so follow these guidelines and you will shine in the spotlight.

•Bring your own table linens.  Use bright, stylish colors and fabrics.  This will immediately draw eyes toward your booth.

•Display an interesting object to attract attention and stimulate conversation.  Vases of submerged orchids with Floralytes and floating candles are sure to draw compliments and make a great impression.  It’s important not to go overboard so you don’t look like a florist, but you do want to show off your décor abilities and spark brides’ interest.

•Pictures say a thousand words.  In addition to your portfolio, consider bringing one or two digital photo frames or a large monitor and play a slideshow with photos of weddings you have planned or set up.  Focus on using photos of displays, décor and
table settings, as well as pictures of you setting up events and working with clients and vendors, so prospective clients can see you in action.

•Use large signs and banners so that your wedding planning company’s name and service are upfront and memorable.

•Incorporate interactive displays that collect leads.  Consider a drawing for $250 off a wedding planning package.  Place entry cards and pens near a collection bin and watch the leads stack up.

If you follow these tips, you’re sure to book some initial consultations at the show.  Be sure to follow up on all leads you get, and oh, make yourself approachable — don’t sit
or eat while manning your booth!

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